The company “alcoholic beverage factory” (ABF) is the producer of cognac spirits and cognac. For more than ten years our production has been represented on the markets of the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other countries of CIS, the Baltic States, Italy, France and etc.

The company was founded on basis of the factory located at Napareuli, not far from the center of wine-making culture, city of Telavi. Due to the growth of turnover and business expansion of the company, a new factory was launched, located near Tbilisi and it was equipped with a modern equipment.

Currently, we provide the entire production cycle, including reception of grapes, distillation of wine-making materials, aging of cognac spirits, its blending, production of cognac and bottling.


In 2008 we have built a new factory, suitably located not far from the capital city of Georgia – Tbilisi, on the highway connecting the city with the important region of wine-making in the country – Kakheti.

The shops for reception wine-making materials, the shops for distillation of cognac spirits, the storage for barrels and reservoirs for maturation and aging of alcohol, unit for blending, water - purification plant, unit for cooling treatment and bottling unit were construed on the landscaped area up to three hectares. The factory has direct access to main traffic artery and also it has its own railway line and automatized system of loading.

  • Distillation plant with five distillers having the capacity of 15 thousand dL of cognac spirits.
  • Oak barrels and enameled cisterns with French oak chips and lath for 500 000 dL.
  • Individual water supply from mountain wells and water purification with modern technologies.
  • Italian bottling line with a capacity of 3 000 bottles per hour.
  • Cooling device for processing of blends before bottling and filtration under new technologies.
  • Direct access to main traffic artery and individual railway line.


Cognac production became familiar in Georgia in the middle of XIX century and by the end of the century, local producers were awarded with the medals and the title of Russian Court Supplier at international competitions for the quality and flavor profile. Development has been continued and in XX century new brands were created, marked with the rewards and the recognition at local and abroad markets.

Year after year, reserves of cognac spirits has been refilled, distributed in oak barrels and aging in reservoirs on selected oak materials. The company possesses significant reserves of 3-year and 5-year old cognac spirits; we separately mark spirits with 8-12-year-old aging.

We offer a wide range of products for wine testing, which gives the customer the opportunity to choose the flavor and aroma he needs or creates new blends according to taste requirements of the customer.

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